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Alexander Ortiz Carvajal holds an M.A. Degree in Language Teaching with major in TEFL, a Specialization degree in University Teaching and a B.A. in Modern Languages from Universidad Distrital. Currently, he is working as an English professor at Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia-UPTC and he is also an e-tutor sponsored by the British Council-Colombia.

Alexander Ortíz Carvajal


Patricia Kim Jiménez Niño holds a B.A. in Modern Languages and a M.A. in Language Teaching, both, from Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia (UPTC), in Tunja. In order to continue her academic growth, she carried out a summer course on Critical Pedagogy at Arizona University, in Tucson- Arizona, U.S.A.
Professor Jimenez has worked in different educational institutions such as Sena, Santo Tomas University, Boyacá School, Presentación School, also at KOE Corporation (Knowledge of English), an important Multinational Company, devoted to English language teaching.  In 2004, she started working as a full time teacher at the Languages School at UPTC and there, she was appointed as the Coordinator of the English area of that School for six years. Afterwards, (since 2010), professor Jiménez has been working as the Academic Coordinator at the Internacional Languages Institute for 13 years, in Tunja.  

On the other hand, she has carried out several research projects and taken part in different academic events such Asocopi (Asociación Colombiana de Profesores de Inglés), Teachers’ Moot, and National Round Table, among others.  Finally, she has written several articles in relevant Journals such as La Palabra and Cuadernos de Linguística Hispánica, among others. For her, English has always been and will be her passion and a very important stage in her life.


Mary Arielle Ortiz Jiménez holds a B.A. in basic education majoring in English as a second language from Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas in Bogota and a M.A in Language Teaching from Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia in Tunja. She has worked in different educational settings and institutions such as ICFES and private universities as an English Teacher. She has also participated in international events such ASOCOPI’s among some national ones. She has been working with the International Languages Institute for more than four years as a full-time teacher in Chiquinquirá and Tunja.


Patricia Kim Jiménez
Coordinadora del área presencial

Mary Arielle Ortiz Jiménez
Coordinadora del área virtual



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