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VII GAMIP International Summit - UPTC
"Culture of peace in action"

The Global Alliance for Ministries & Infrastructures for Peace - GAMIP, in alliance with the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia - UPTC launch the VII GAMIP international summit to be held in Colombia from Oct. 3 to 7, 2022.

Concurrent Event:

GAMIP Global Short Film Forum
Submissions deadline: July 15th


General Objective

Promote actions related to the construction of Culture(s) of Peace, in accordance with UN Resolution A - 53/243, as well as planning programs towards the creation of Ministries, Infrastructures of Peace and Defense of Human Rights.

Specific Objectives for Cultures of Peace in Action

  1. Develop activities and raise awareness on Peace practices, movements and themes issues at government, social and academic level (linkages with youth, gender, ethnic groups, civil society requirements, etc.).
  2. To link the field of building Cultures of Peace with Participatory Democracy, Citizenship and Defense of Human Rights.
  3. To establish an ongoing summit component to include a Film Forum of GAMIP Film Media + Arts supported with a scholarship award for Youth voice and impact.
  4. To elaborate a Report on the Conference proceedings including a collective Declaration and proposals of attendees as well as a concrete agenda on the next steps to be taken.

a) May 19th, 2022 - UPTC activity in commemoration of the birth of José Martí titled: Martí: Educator for Freedom. Colombia

b) June 10th - July 2nd, 2022 & GAMIP Latin America & Caribbean and Association Answers for Peace (Argentina Course: Tools for applying Mediation in Dairy Conflicts 

c) June 2022 - GAMIP ALC & JUNPAZ (México) Course: Pedagogy for Building Cultures of Peace, Citizenship and Defense of Human Rights

d) June - August 2022. GAMIP ALC & Casa de Pax Cultura (Argentina) & Latin American Foundation Objective 16 (Argentina) Course: Restauratives Habilities for Building Culture(s) of Peace

e) September - December 2022 GAMIP ALC & UNIVERSIDAD MODELO (México) & UNIVERSIDAD LA SERENA (Chile) Diplomatura: Pedagogy for Building Cultures of Peace, Citizenship and the Defense of Human Rights.

a) September 26th, 2022- 09:00-12:00
Pre-Conference Program (Virtual)
Basic Orientation Course on GAMIP and its perspective on Peace Building. Instructor: Paul Maillet (Canada)

b) September 27th, 14:00 -15:30
GAMIP World Short Film Forum: Georgina Galanis. “I AM PEACE” Grit. Grace. The Goals.
Screening Film Forum and discussion.

"I AM PEACE" Launch presentation and screening of the Film Forum, Georgina Galanis (USA), discussants and Film Directors, youth filmmaker Kasha Slavner

Distribution of Tables / Workshops
October 3 to 7, 2022


Working Table and Workshop I - Building Cultures of Peace

  1. Introducing Peace Professionalism Through Consciousness of Values and Competences. (Evelyn Voigt, Canada & Dave Mayoral, Mexico)
  2. Building Peace by Arts. (Luiz Vergara, Brazil)
  3. Ministries of Peace and a Culture for Peace. (Ose Irene, Nigeria)
  4. The Latin American countries towards Culture of Peace. (Estela Tustanovsky ,Argentina)
  5. Limits of Cultural Heritage: anthems, flags, coats of arms and ensigns. Heraldry. Homage to Dr. Suescún. (Laura Luna y Humberto Tequia, Colombia))
  6. Predatory Practices in Publications, the Balkan Culture in Pedagogical Practices and the Decolonization of Knowledge. (Pascual .Mora ,Colombia)


Mesa - Taller II / Workshop II – Education

  1. The Right to Education as mercantilism in the Neo Liberal system. (Renán Vega Cantor, Colombia)
  2. Pedagogies for the Construction of Cultures of Peace, Citizenship and Human Rights: Perspectives from the current educational field. (Alicia Cabezudo)
  3. Education in Colombia after the Constitution of 1821. (Dr. Patiño, Dr. Barrera y Dr. Pascual Mora, Colombia)


Working Table and Workshop III - Human Rights 1

  1. Presentation of the Colombian Network on Education in Human Rights. Promotion, defense and education. (Elkin Agudelo, Colombia)
  2. The right to be free from hunger and the World food crisis. (Tatiana Mosquera, Colombia)
  3. Towards an inclusive and solidarity economy. Overcoming exclusion. The crisis of equality.( Emma Avila, Pedro Pablo Salas, Colombia)
  4. Post pandemic and health system. ( Alvaro Cardona, Colombia)
  5. Fair distribution of land. Comparative analysis of comprehensive rural reforms. Peasants' Rights.( Rosa Gutiérrez, Clara Inés Domínguez, Camilo Aldana, Colombia)
  6. The Human Right to culture.( Néstor Moreno, Colombia)
  7. Secularism and freedom of conscience. ( Santiago Salazar, Simón Mejía – Iniciativa Laica, Colombia)
  8. Human Rights and Business.( William Parra, Colombia)
  9. The right to decent housing. A pending issue.( William Castellanos and Housing Team, Colombia)


Working Table and Workshop IV - Human Rights 2

  1. Transportation and the right to mobility. ( Mario Alvarez, Colombia)
  2. The tension between capital and labor. Labor law and social security in a world without decent work. (Bryan Mejìa,Yair Fonseca, Colombia)
  3. The Human Right to Democracy. (Luis Eduardo Martinez, Colombia)
  4. The Right to protest. ( TRINO – Colombia )
  5. Citizens Security as a fundamental Right. New perspectives. (Gustavo Toledo, Colombia)
  6. Sports Law. Violence in sport. The new “maffias “ (Víctor Melgarejo , Sergio Acevedo, Colombia)
  7. The right to connectivity. ( Martha Lucía González, Colombia)
  8. Citizen security as an essential right. New perspectives.
  9. Public services as “merit goods”. The global privatization crisis (Jair Fonseca, Colombia


Working Table and Workshop V - Justice

  1. Critical analysis of Colombian criminal politics. Does it prevent or repress criminality?. On the table of punitive populism. (Paula Catalina Ulloa Moreno, Colombia)
  2. Lawfare, the judicialization of politics. The electoral fight by other means and democratic affectation.
  3. Corruption in the public and private exercise. Merit as a way out of the crisis. (Javier Barrera, Camilo Ibarra, Colombia)
  4. The danger of punitive populism. (David Restrepo, Catalina Ulloa Moreno, Colombia)
  5. Capital flight through the international financial system. Tax havens. Panama, Pandora Papers and others.( Carolina Paola Navas, Gloria Oquelí, Honduras)Emmanuel Bolívar, Rafael Ballén, Colombia)

Working Table and Workshop VI - Sovereignty

  1. Cuba and its construction as an independent and sovereign nation.(Casa Iván, Mora Godoy, Idarmis Knight)


Working Table and Workshop VII - Conflict & Conflict Resolution

  1. Thanatology and necropolitics. The imposition of power by eliminating the opponent. (Guillermo Cardona, Colombia)
  2. The modern international wars.( José Antonio Álvarez Carrero, Colombia)
  3. New peace processes. The case of the ELN and other international cases.( Alvarez, Villarraga, Colombia)
  4. Drug trafficking and international problems. (Olmedo, Vargas, Colombia)
  5. For a democratic Army and Police Forces subjected to civil power. (Emmanuel Bolívar, Rafael Ballén, Colombia)
  6. Reconciliation Project within the armed conflict victims and the ex FARC.( Vanina Fernández & Ornella Uberti, Argentina)


Working Table and Workshop VIII - Environment - Diversity

  1. Rights of Nature and the nonhuman animals. (Liliana Estupiñan, Bryan Hernández, Johanna Carolina Gutiérrez, Christian López, Colombia)
  2. Climate Change and Sustainable Peace , ( Saul Arbess, Canada)
  3. Citizen participation in themes related to Environment. Los Paramos (Diego Sebastián Zamudio Arenas & Albaluz Ramos Franco, Colombia)


Working Table and Workshop IX - Bioethics

  1. Advances in Bioethics. Tension in approaching he cases of Abortion, Euthanasia, Equal Marriage and Drug Use. (Liliana Barrera, Mauricio Sánchez, Colombia)


Working Table and Workshop X - Social Movements

  1. Women's rights. New perspectives.(Isabel Cortés, Magda Beltrán, Dalila Ripoll, Astrid Romero, Astrid Castellanos, Women Diplomado)
  2. Ethnic population. Indigenous, Afro and Rom. Their challenges in a multicultural world.(Ricardo Gómez)
  3. Migration as a new phenomenon of territorial configuration. Migration and colonization.
  4. The National Platform 'LGBTI FOR PEACE', as a significant experience of good practice for accessing to transitional justice. The case of the LGBTI people in Colombia.( Edgar Robles, Colombia)
  5. Social movements. New educational platform for a democratic, participatory and transformative pedagogy. (Magnus Haavelsrud, Norway & Alicia Cabezudo, Argentina)


Working Table and Workshop XI - Communications and Peace

  1. Problems of Contemporary Communication. Fake-news, post-truth and political incidence.( Federico Sanri, Jissel Gómez, Margarita Velázquez, Colombia).
  2. Non Violent Communication. The Role of the Mass Media. Good Practices. ( Luisa González, Colombia)
  3. Workshop: Communicative Strategies Scale in conflict situations. ( Marcela Montero & Carmen Castillo Rocha, México)
  4. Culture of Peace in Action by Radio Stations. City cultural events. (Sandra Gasca, Colombia)
  5. Project MOTHERLAND– PATRIA GRANDE. ( Vilma Vega, Colombia – Argentina)


Working Table and Workshop XII - Ombudsman - New Justice Alternatives

  1. Ombudsmen System. Balance and challenges.( Ombudsman of Tunja, Regional People Defender, Colombia)
  2. New Democratic Paradigms of Justice. Overcoming delinquency and distrust in the Judicial System.( Manuel Mayorga, Julio Armando Rodríguez, Colombia)
  3. Reflections on Transitional Justice in Peace processes. Justice and Restorative Practices in societies in conflict.
  4. Experiences in National and International Popular Trials ( TRINO )
  5. The pedagogical role of the OMBUDSMAN and the People's Courts in the present society. Challenges and possibilities. (Alicia Cabezudo, Argentina)
  6. Restorative Perspectives in International Political Bodies ( Marta Paillet, Argentina)
  7. Restorative Perspectives in Non Adversary Conflict Models ( Marta Paillet, Argentina)
  8. Restorative Perspectives in Infrastructures for Peace ( Marta Paillet, Argentina)


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Film Forum

I AM PEACE Film Forum 
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Angélica María Becerra - gamip.summit@uptc.edu.co 

Vilma Vega - gamipamericalatina@gmail.com

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