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The International Affaiers and Inter-institutional Cooperation Office-IAICO-has a missional character intended to assist the UPTC in the accomplishment of its mission and vision.

The IAICO is an office committed with the UPTC quality, and in order to promote its visibility, it becomes an ambassador beforenational and international prestigious Higher Education Institutions for the purpose of proposing actionsaimed at fostering international and inter-institutional cooperationpolicies. Besides, it attempts for promoting incoming and outgoing students and teachers’ academic mobility.

This is an office dynamic, active, supporting and committed with the real interests and needs of the academic community; besides, it contributes to individual, institutional and society growth

Cooperation and Internationalization

The cooperation and internationalization of the UPTC aims at contributing to modernize and prepare this Higher Education Institution and its academic community to face and respond the challenges that the 21 st century poses.

Both, scientific and technological cooperation encompass a set of activities that entail association and collaboration to the achievement of common goals and mutual benefits. Cooperation is possible at individual, institutional and national levels and through multiple modalities.

Mission - Vision 


The International Relations and Inter-Institutional Cooperation Office –IAICO- establishes International Cooperation macro-policies, therefore it identifies opportunities to manage financial resources, strategic alliances, guidance and consultancies, assistance, donations and funding systems; besides it is the office in charge of establishing inter-institutional agreements at local, regional, national and international level. On the other hand, it manages, coordinates and arranges activities, projects and programs that promote the institutional development envisaged at the UPTC’sProyectoUniversitarioInstitucional (PUI).


The International Relations and Inter-Institutional Cooperation Office will be known as the Direction of International Cooperation that promotes academic, scientific, cultural and social processes through the definition of policies and the development of strategies of international scope. It will be drawn from willingness, hard work, objectivity and awareness of the UPTC community.


  • Promoting UPTC’s internationalization by defining policies, plans, programs, projects, processes and international cooperation actions.
  • Identifying international partners for the purpose of acquiring a vision and development committed with social, economic, ethic and scientific dimensions which should portray Higher Education’s current demands and expectations.


  • Establishment and continuity of International and Inter-institutional Cooperation programs.
  • Coordination and monitoring of partnerships with public or private institutions at national and international levels.
  • Guidance and providing of information to the academic community about Programs, scholarships, partnerships, special events and academic exchanges.
  • Fostering of research.
  • Promotion of linkages of the UPTC with the existing embassies in the country, besides it is responsible for the welcoming of exchange people and foreign guests.
  • It makes visible the UPTC at global level and attempts for its inclusion in World Organizations.


Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia    
Relaciones Internacionales  y Cooperación interinstitucional
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Teléfono Directo: 57-8,7436218 
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Tunja - Boyacá - Colombia  


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